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Inspiration for Multi Tasking Yogis Jun 2010

Inspiration For Multi-tasking Yogis

Yoga and Surfing on NSW South Coast
At Broulee, about 4 hours' drive south of Sydney, Belinda Wehner runs all-women surf and yoga retreats. The next course, on November 5, runs for three days and costs $795 including accommodation, meals, surfing,...

Chasing the Waves Dec 2009

chasing the waves

A sleepy town on the New South Wales south coast proves ideal for awakening your inner surfer-chick and expanding your yoga practice, thanks to gentle waves and passionate teachers. By Kris McIntyre

Surf and Yoga in Bali Aug 2009

Day 1
As I get out of the airport after a late night arrival, I get a warm slightly moist hug from the Balinese air - welcome to one week of surfing and yoga! My aim is to finally surf beautiful small green waves and stop being afraid of the waves/the ocean/myself ... I was so much looking...

Soul Surfing Jul 2009

Yoga. Surfing. Retreat. Bali. Those four words should conjure up images of peace, palm trees and perhaps some cheeky Pina Coladas, right? So why am I a dragging myself out of bed at 5.30am, every muscle aching, with only a cup of herbal tea for my efforts? Don't be mistaken - when the whitewash...

Bali Retreat Jun 2009

"Success at last!!! After years of training I finally have proof that I can (sometimes) catch green waves :-)

The last weeks I traveled around Malaysia with my brother and his partner and spend one week at a surf & yoga retreat in Bali - is there a better way to spend your time?...

Assume the Surfers Pose Mar 2009

No meat, no men and no booze - for one virtuous weekend, Kelsey Munro concentrates on yoga and the waves.

Tidal Dreamings Surf & Yoga Retreat Feb 2009

The idea of attending a surfing retreat the week after the first shark attack on Bondi Beach in 80 years may not be all that appealing to some. But refusing to let a big fish stand in the way of a fun adventure Kris McIntyre packed her swimmers, sunscreen, yoga gear and a healthy dose of courage...

Wave of Wellbeing Dec 2007

If you're contemplating healthy ways to start 2008, you might like to follow the lead of CATHY ALEXANDER, and visit a yoga and surfing retreat.
It's 6am and the sky is warming up over the long beach at Broulee. We're facing the waves from...