5 Day Salty Soul Wellness Retreat

Posted Sat, 11/02/2017 - 3:34pm by Bel

Wednesday, 6 November 2019 - 2:00pm - Sunday, 10 November 2019 - 2:00pm
Higher Ground Permaculture Retreat NSW North Coast, Australia
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Join us for this Salty Soul Wellness Retreat, a truly unique yoga adventure experience on the NSW North Coast, Australia.
If you have been searching for an Australian Yoga Retreat and have not yet considered what a perfect combination yoga, meditation and surfing would make, then this is something that will set your soul alight! Coupled with warm uncrowded waves, rustic off grid 'glamping', healthy food and awesome like-minded people, then you have a truly unforgettable experience.

Salty Soul Wellness retreats focus on finding balance between the yin and yang aspects of our lives. Balancing the excitement and adventure of learning to surf (yang energy) and the rest and reflection of a restorative yoga practice (yin energy).
Whether you are trying surfing for the first time or you are already hooked on the surfing lifestyle, we believe the process of learning to surf and developing a more intimate connection with the ocean assists us in connecting deeper with ourselves. We learn about the bodies relationship to yin and yang aspects, and work with the seasons and the elements to create more harmony in our bodies and our lives.

Salty Soul Wellness retreats are also the ideal escape from an overactive, overstimulated lifestyle. We invite you to drop deeper into yourself, connect with other like minded people and tune in to the elemental forces of nature. Wake up for our morning 'dawn patrol' to the beach. Enjoy the sunrise by the ocean, and spend the afternoon relaxing into the soothing sounds of the forest. All supported by the Yin yoga practices and philosophies.
Look forward to sitting around the fire and camping under the stars! Relax in the comfort of our beautifully styled Bell tents, set on 146 acred of environmentally protected coastal forest at our purpose built permaculture retreat centre.

On our 5 day retreat you will receive:

3 Morning surf lessons with beach yoga warm-up
5 Yin yoga sessions in our garden studio
5 Elemental theory sessions with discussion
4 Evening Tipi meditations by the fire
1 Deep Ecology Workshop
1 Permaculture Workshop & Tour
1 Nutritional Cooking Workshop
And of course no wellness retreat would be complete without nourishing, high vibrational, organic food, straight from the garden!
All equipment is included, just bring your authentic self!

On our Salty Soul Wellness Retreats we will not only take you surfing and teach you some beautiful new yoga techniques, we support you on a deeper journey into yourself, creating clarity on what motivates and inspires you, with some useful take home tools to apply once you leave.
We believe that surfing can be a very easy natural unfolding, if we choose to take a more feminine approach to the learning process. Despite being quite a physically demanding ‘yang’ activity, outside in the sun and the salt, we create balance throughout the retreat. Primarily through a mindfulness practice we develop through the gentle yoga and meditation.
Always taking time to highlight the magical moments!

A Salty Soul Wellness retreat will leave an endless smile on your face, and infuse you with the purity and joy of a surf and yoga eco experience to last a lifetime!

These retreats are limited to only 12 people and will book out fast, so contact us today to reserve your spot!

Suitable For: 
Men & Women
Skill Level: 
Beginners - Intermediate